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Van Chaud Food Hygiene Rating 5*

Some of the brands we work with

Our Coffee


We are working closely with a small local coffee supplier from Bridgnorth Shropshire called Danielle’s Coffee.

Danielle the founder of the company is a very passionate barista designing all her own unique coffee blends.

Together we have chosen the blend that we believe is perfect for Van Chaud.

Danielle regularly conducts Barista training sessions with us, to ensure we get the very best out of every coffee bean.

Some of Danielle’s credentials!

Our Chosen blend of beans are from Honduras, Mysore, Mocha Sidamo & Ugandan.
A rich, smooth, full-roasted blend of South American and African arabicas and Indian robusta, giving a full-bodied and a liquorice sweetness.
 Our Brazilian decaff uses a special water steaming process to remove the caffeine. This has the effect of darkening the beans, but crucially does not impair the flavour. It is one of the best ways of removing caffeine as it is 100% chemical free, gently removing 99.9% of the caffeine.
We think you’ll love our coffee……..

 The Tea’s


 For the perfect brew every time, we have chosen a wide selection of teas from many of your favorite brands including Brew Tea CoPukka, Twinnings, Clipper, Taylors, Tick Tock. Our selections include English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Green Tea, mint, organic decaf, Smoky Lapsang, Chai tea, Fairtrade Earl Grey, Rooibos and where possible we only select individually wrapped tea for freshness. When you consider more tea is drank every day than coffee, you know you’ll get a great brew every time.

Award winning Hot Chocolate!


Large chocolate buttons from the Kokoa collection of hot chocolate drinks.
All made with real chocolate sourced from single origins
ivory_coast.jpg           ecuador.jpg         haiti.jpgHome_page_image.jpg
White Ivory Coast chocolate, Ivory Coast is the largest producer of cocoa beans globally. For the white hot chocolate we have selected their cocoa butter from the forastero beans for a smooth creamy texture.
We only use natural vanilla in our production for a delicious flavour that was recognised with a Silver Award by the Academy of Chocolate in 2013
Classic Venezuelan 58% Milk Chocolate, The Venezuelan cocoa we use for this hot chocolate are a mix of two varieties criollo and trinitario beans.They are selected from three quite beautiful regions – Sucre, Sur de Lago & Barlovento, and won the Academy of Chocolate, Bronze Award in 2013
Or the daddy Ecuadorian 70% Dark chocolate, For many Ecuador produces the best chocolate in the world. We have selected their wonderful Arriba Nacional beans giving a perfectly balanced bittersweet, a delightful hot chocolate recognised by the Great Taste Awards in 2013

Smooth and silky you’ll never forget your first one

The Crepes

The classic French dish to serve in a classic French van,

and all made to order fresh right in front of you using Sally’s sweet crepe recipe or galette recipe for savoury crepes.

We can also offer your guests a gluten free mix, again made by Sally.

There is plenty of choice for both sweet and savoury crepes, but if you have a favorite that’s not on our menu, let us know.

Sally also makes our Apple & Cinnamon, Lemon Curd, Toffee sauce and Chocolate sauce in our home bakery before events

The Staffordshire Oat Cakes


The quintessential local offering from the Staffordshire potteries,

and like Crepes, probably one of the original fast foods, dating back to the 1800’s!

All of our Oatcakes are GM crop free, and do not contain nuts. Our oatcakes are still traditionally hand made in Newcastle Under Lyme from the finest ingredients,

including: Stone-ground Oat bran, Brown Wholemeal Flour and Hovis Wheat germ.

Staffordshire Oatcakes are so well known they even have their own day! Oatcake day 8th August, and they have a very international following,
check out

Cake & Cookies

 Whether it’s a Victoria sponge, sticky toffee date cup cakes, a slice of carrot cake, banana & coconut cake or shortbread biscuits and Oat & raisin cookies Sally’s home bakes are second to none, and made fresh for every food festival, corporate events and parties.
Food Allergen information
This is where you can find information of the food and drinks we offer that contain one or more of the 14 key allergens as named by the
Food Standards Agency

The Menus

These are our standard menus, click on each to enlarge

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